Ahaean land

Ahaean Land, is the consummation of a long family tradition
in the field of olive tree cultivation and extra virgin olive oil production
within the vicinity of Patras, Peloponnese, Greece.
Having very high levels of expertise and experience,
the company knows which soil characteristics are optimal for an olive grove
and depending on the composition of the soil, as well as the native flora among the olive trees,
which are the appropriate techniques to implement for the optimal quality of production.

The olive tree

The olive tree is a jewel of the Achaean land,
symbol of stability,endurance and hope.
Mediterranean, perennial and resilient,
a living monument of the humanity that loved it
and nourished from its crop.

The presence of the olive tree in Achaea is dated in 4,000bC.
Today, the cultivation in our private groves is performed with traditional methods
that secure a fresh, highest quality olive grape.

The high quality on the Achaean olive oil is mainly attributed to the mild climate,
the soil characteristics and the native cultivars of the region.
The warm sun rays and the wind essences,
slowly capture in the olive crop the progress
of the most mellow time lapses of each season of the year.

The harvest

The olive groves harvesting is performed at just the right time,either with the help of machinery or by handpicking.The same evening the crop will turn into olive oil in the oil press

The extruction

The crop will be cleaned from leaves and will be rinsed with fresh water several times.
After the initial quality checks it will be crushed.
The stones will crush the crop turning it into a paste,
a mixture of water, olive skin and olive oil.
The paste, after being stirred in the tank for an hour,
is placed in layers between natural filters.
With the help of the presser we will collect the first effuse,
i.e. olive oil with a part of water and fibre.
In the end, the segmentation and the final filtering will produce pure liquid olive oil
with acidity always less than 0.3%.